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screaming 1-4-3

hello, bonjour, buenas dias (idk if that's right because i never took spanish otl), annyeonghaseyo~

my name? it doesn't define a person, nor my identity. we change as people due to the ever-constantly changing environment. isn't that a nice oxymoron for you? i'm not similar to many people, but the few things i share is that we're misunderstood. isn't that the reason why we're here on tumblr, where we get to voice our opinions and feelings about what we don't get to say out loud? hence, i made this tumblr; not just for "feels" for my favorite bands, but to let myself express myself in ways that i would not have been able to do outside of the internet. thus, why we are conducting this one-way (?) conversation.

i'll let you guys call me jinju or nabi; like i said, names do not define a person, but it does show our charactistics as people. i look nothing like a pearl; i'm as hideous, and unaesthetically pleasing as the hunchback of notre dame. but pressure can turn coal into diamonds, right? but i feel like this coal is going to stay a piece of dirty carbon, because i refuse to bend to society's (pressure) standards. i'm not korean either, but i lived in ktown and my first language was korean, and i don't remember anything at all (you can ask me about it). i'm not good with describing myself, because my friends think i'm cute, i think i'm just trash, but as a person with major flaws and low self-esteem, i always see the worst in myself. oh well, i'm a pessimist, with the personality as bright as the dark side of the moon.

what i do. what do i do? it's a pretty good question for a person who has no reason to be anywhere. i simply exist. that's pretty much it. i don't do much to make an impact on people's lives, since people forget me a lot. for example, there was a girl, christine lee, and she sat next to me in the third grade. coincidentally, we were in the same music class later on in the sixth grade and i recognized her. i said her name, and she said "how do you know my name?" i told her we were in the same elementary school, but she had that look of distaste, as if i was a creeper (which i'm not; excuse you for being less attentive and forgetful). that's when i realized that people like me, fade after a while. so i exist to fade? i think i'll take that for now, until i find something else. what do you think?

j'aime beaucoup des choses. oui, je sais francais, mon paysan. /flips hair. i can be a diva if i have to, and i am most of the time. i like music a lot; it's my life source, the one thing that i desperately need everyday. i like my adele, maroon 5, foster the people, black keys, grouplove, the wombats, beatles, queen, etc. however, i love kpop, like the mainstream: shinee, super junior, tvxq!, jyj, 100%, bangtan boys, exo, infinite, ailee, 2ne1, b2st, mblaq, some bap, big bang, and block b.