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04 March 2014 @ 08:34 pm
hey guys i moved to voldemochi!
don't add me here okay?
i'm slowly moving my work over to the new journal but if you need to seriously contact me just ask on twitter (@voldemochi)
06 October 2013 @ 10:25 am
au where chenlay get persuaded by taoris to get ears pierced with xiuhan betting on who looks better at the end idk lol

"are you serious? i'm not getting a hole drilled into my cartilage like the two of you," jongdae protests, pointing the accusatory finger at the pouting maknae.

"but ge ge," tao whines, stomping his feet in the process. no i'm not falling for it again, jongdae thought, nope not going to- NOPE DENYING IT ALL. "don't you want to be cool like me and kris ge ge?" tao casually drags kris from the couch, still tired from his afternoon nap because as jongdae quotes leader is too fabulous to take care of 5 other members 24/7, so he must have his nap whenever he can or i'll beat you guys up with a knife. but when leader is interrupted from his beauty sleep, leader is not to be trifled with. jongdae gulps as kris rubs his eyes, his blond hair askew from rolling around on the couch. kris turns to tao, and asks in a quiet voice "why the f*ck did you wake me up?"

"ge ge," tao starts with a cute voice; chen groans because he knows tao gets what he wants in the end- the battle was already lost. "jongdae ge ge doesn't want to get a piercing and won't it look cool on him? like we could get him an earring on the left earlobe, just a simple black piece and-"

"jongdae just go get the f*cking d*mned piercing already because i need rest before we go to the practice room and if i hear another whine from tao again, i'll stick a fork where-" kris starts off, his hand gestures becoming more and more agitated, and if he doesn't stop, one of their physical features will never be the same again.

"ok kris, go back to sleep; we got this covered, right tao?" jongdae quickly responds with a smile, casually putting on his shoes in the hallway to avoid kris's giant hands hitting him. when kris grumbled back to the couch, muttering curse words, tao was nowhere to be seen, and chen sighed at the terrible, but inevitable defeat.

"oh jongdae where are you heading off to?" yixing innocently asks, his head peeking out of the doorway to his room. jongdae turns around, hopping on one foot while tying the laces together, "oh just going to the mall with tao, because kris hyung and tao insisted that i get a piece of my ear ripped off like the two of them."

"oh that sounds like fun; can i come with you guys? you know, as support?" yixing's eyes dance with excitement, as if it was a huge adventure just to see jongdae attain a gaping hole in his nice earlobe. all of a sudden, tao comes out of thin air, all inconspicuously dressed in a hoodie and jeans, and asks with the trademark aegyo, "come get a piercing with us ge ge, it'll be so much fun and you guys can match too!"
yixing, being the generous and precious person he is, responds with a "why not?" and before jongdae knows it, they're whisked out the door by the overenthusiastic tao and the supporting lay.

after the door locks shut, xiumin and luhan appear out of the kitchen, food at hand, evil plans rotating in their minds. luhan whispers to the elder, smirking, "i bet you a soccer match and a man u sweatshirt that chen chickens out before the needle even gets a mile radius near him." xiumin guffaws, "please, i bet you a soccer match, a man u sweatshirt, and a month's supply of bubble tea when chen actually comes out of there alive, and looks better than yixing."

luhan nods approvingly at their bets and they shake on it before kris promptly throws a slipper at their general direction.


my life is passing by my eyes, jongdae mourns, as the piercer tells him to calm down and stop fidgeting. yixing, the calm one out the trio, already got the left ear pierced and sports a simple black stud while tao peruses the samples of what jongdae should get and eagerly showed yixing what he should get for himself personally.

"you know, you can get someone to hold your hand or whatever makes you feel comfortable before we start," the buff piercer tells jongdae. "i-i'm totally f-fine, i can handle this." jongdae hurriedly responds. no it's not ok; none of this was ever ok- i'm going to die and then there won't be anyone to cry over my dead bleeding body someone shoot me already.

jongdae feels a soft hand holding his, and looks over to his right just to see yixing with his optimistic smile. "everything's going to be fine jongdae-ah," he reassures in improved korean. "i'll be right here with you so don't worry about this." jongdae smiles back at him, and nods to the piercer that he's ready.

"ok, here goes, it's going to sting a little," the piercer says, and just like that, a minor sting, a squeeze of yixing's hand, and jongdae has a matching black stud. tao walks over to them, with their ear care kits, and for once in jongdae's life, sees him pay for everything. however, in the corner of his eye, he also sees tao use kris's credit card and sighs at the maknae's methods.

xiumin and luhan wait patiently at the entrance, wanting to see the final products of their gamble to declare the winner. the door opens, and one groans in despair at the lost, the other leading out a whoop and dancing around the hallway in joy. jongdae walks through the threshold, confused seeing luhan on the ground sobbing, and xiumin prancing around like a ballerina. yixing and tao take off their shoes, unfazed at the sight of the oldest of exo before them.

kris gets up again, a murderous tint in his eyes, "didn't i say to keep the f*ck down or i'll-" his death threat was interrupted by their manager calling them to come to the dance room to practice. kris lets out a strangled cry as he rises from the couch, while the others scramble their act together, rushing out the door before leader kills them all.

it's so hard being the leader sometimes, kris decides as he closes the door behind him. but jongdae and yixing do look pretty good with those piercings.

a/n: decides to write 1028 word fanfic instead of doing hw
title: hearts stop beating for the music of death to overwhelm the shrieks of life (pt.i/ ii)
pairing: baekyeol
rating: pg-13/ nc-17 (i don't know how ratings work /shot)
genre: angst, angst, and more angst with some deprecating humor with a sprinkle of awesome sarcasm
warnings (highlight to read): character death, dark thoughts (i guess)
chanyeol realizes many things, and suho's just there all the time

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